Worlds at War

Take control within a rotating world and start few photon torpedoes merely to let everybody know your targets and aspirations whenever the Worlds are in War. Are you prepared for this epic distance warfare? The target is to destroy the enemy world to triumph, but none of the enemies won't surrender without a struggle. Deliver three kinds of spaceships for invading your enemies, then trigger a magnet defense for safeguarding your planet, control and launch the bounty missile for collecting coins and powerups, and when the stars are perfectly aligned, don't hesitate to utilize a photon torpedo for procuring your own victory. Great luck!
Player 1: ASD to browse thru W and menu to trigger control. Player two Arrow keys to browse through menu and Up Arrow key to trigger control.

Player 1: ASD to navigate thru menu and W to activate command. Player 2 Arrow keys to navigate thru menu and Up Arrow key to activate command.