We Fight Loan Shark is an exciting tower defense game. From waves of incoming loan sharks using sets of mechanical shots and metal shield shield your village. rnrnUse your intelligence to outwit and outdo them. On your toolbox are varieties of machines that you can use. Don't let them enter the village or something awful can happen!rnrnGame features:rnrn* 2 sets of places - hamlet and townrn* 3 sets of lighting condition - daylight, sunset and nightrn* 10 levelsrn* 3 kinds of upgrades with up to 15 upgrade levelsrnrnDrag shooters and shield on the battle field to protect against waves of loan sharks. Use your cash wisely as money will be carried over from preceding amounts.rnrnIf you won a conflict, you are able to update to make the shots/shield cheaper, gives them more attack power or makes them more challenging to be destroyed. Find strategy that you think the greatest.