Warlords: Heroes

Fight your way through 4 episodes of dream battle. Purchasing fighting motions, amour and hiring henchman to help you on your own journey.Features:- A game based on the Achilles engine place from the Warlords world. - 3 distinct personalities with various weapons, moves, tales, henchmen, personalities-Purchasable fighting moves following every degree – master and reevaluate your fighting style as you move- Employ henchmen to assit you in your quest- Purchase armour and magic items after every degree- 18 Conventional enemy components+ 7 Bosses (Achilles had 3 Normal + 5 Bosses)- 9 distinct races with various wallpapers for their areas- Freely explorable map, even if you would like to just go vacationing around fighting folks, you can! - Survival Mode- Gladiator Mode – Exclusive into Kongregate Directions in game.BTW: Forward + strike means hold how You're facing and press assault

Instructions in game.BTW: Forward + attack means hold the way you are facing and press attack