Twisted Military

Take the enemy up, pick up particular weapons, and then blast your way through 6 extreme struggles based on the narrative from Renegade Commanders. This epic poem driving game has lots to offer with unlockable game perks and Stamina Modes that enable you to compete for high scores. This game is extremely addictive and can be packed with immediate action!The game employs a timeless mode7 3D impact to make the ancient console activity sense to the internet. The playing experience is really extreme with glass shattering explosions and on mind bullet holes.The story line takes you to the head of a soldier trapped at the Renegade warfare (to the complete story play Renegade Commanders). Your fellow soldiers abruptly turn Renegade (nearly too abruptly to be ordinary ) and you need to battle your way to destroy every last one of them.I had a great deal of fun developing this match. Have fun playing!
Use arrow keys to accelerate, turn, and brake/reverseUse [space] to flame system gunUse [w] to put mine (when collected)Utilize [s] to fire electrical shock (when collected)Utilize [a] and [d] to alter electrical shock goal

Use arrow keys to accelerate, turn, and brake/reverseUse [space] to fire machine gunUse [w] to lay mine (when collected)Use [s] to fire electric shock (when collected)Use [a] and [d] to change electric shock target