TrollFace Quest: Horror 1

Do you like scary movies? Are you really in the mood to get some jump scares? If that's the case, then get ready to learn what terrifyingly humorous pranks are awaiting you in Troll Face Quest: Horror.This variant of this favorite game series is filled full of references to a number of your favourite horror movies, TV shows, as well as video games!
Click and resolve the puzzles!FEATURES- Lots of brain-teasing puzzles which are equally horrible and hysterically funny! - Bizarre and completely hilarious pranks predicated on famous moments from history's most memorable horror masterpieces. - Cool graphics and amazing animation which are extremely weird and crazy. - New sound effects that surely go bump in the night! - Where else can you prank some of the horror genre's most terrifying serial killers, creatures, and much more?

Click and solve the puzzles!FEATURES- Lots of brain-teasing puzzles that are both horrifying and hysterically funny!- Bizarre and totally hilarious pranks based on famous moments from history’s most unforgettable horror masterpieces.- Cool graphics and awesome animation that are really weird and wild.- New sound effects that definitely go bump in the night!- Where else can you prank a few of the horror genre’s most terrifying serial killers, monsters, and more?