Troll Face Quest Video Games

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Troll Face Quest Video Games

The newest outrageous episode of Troll Face Quest is here! Embark on a hilarious journey where you’ll solve brain -teasing puzzles and try and make sense of hopeless situations while trolling the most well-known gaming characters ever. To spare their embarrassment, we’re not mentioning any names here, but the heroes of first-person shooters, Italian plumbers, fruit-craving ninjas, fearsome orcs, sweet-clogged puzzles and innocent evaluation subjects trapped in labs full of portals won’t escape Troll Face’s silly pranks. How can you make sense of a world which makes no sense? Can it be mad, or have you been just mad? Attempt to keep it together as you work your way through more than 30 amounts that are wacky, or lose it when you get trolled for the umpteenth time.