Our young fashionista is appreciating the very best excursion of her life! She's plenty of actions in your mind for her visit to Japan, but she would like to correctly dress up. Lina's desire is to find Japan's traditional style in most of its details and also the very first items she is like to wear now is a lively printed yukata. A yukata is a crochet garment, a casual summer kimono usually made from cotton. Individuals wearing yukata are a frequent sight in Japan at fireworks displays, bon-odori festivals, along with other summertime events. You will find such as 120 items along with a great deal of colour and pattern variations. The options are endless when sporting a traditional yukata at Japan in order that you two girls will have a wonderful time putting together the ideal look for our lovely fashionista here. Begin by choose the amount of her outfit, select its colour and its own patterns, then accessorize it with a wonderful waist detail, a few conventional shoes and using a cute, small handbag. Can Lina's hair also and decorate it with adorable flowers. Have fun mixing and matching the stunning Japanese outfits within this brand-new dress up game named Trip To Japan!