Tank Battle : War Commander

Control your army in epic battles in this new world war. It's a turn based strategy game in which you're in control of tanks and other enormous weapons to shield your country.Your purpose is to conquer each of the lands , and induce the enemy to escape, up into the last victory.You would be the commander in chief. You have to conquer the enemy that has invaded your state and set up its armed forces colony. To combat, you've got 3 distinct choices:• Build tanks to attack your enemy (infantry's tanks, cruiser's tanks, fire's tanks, contemporary's tanks, robots, machines...)• Construct defenses (walls, protects, and other electronic defense methods)• Operate atmosphere and communicating strikes (bombing, bombers airplanes strikes, technologies hacking, online guerrilla...)RED ALERTChoose sensibly your strategy and approaches to obtain the ideal balance between defense and attack. Each single time you decide on an assault or defense alternative, it's increasing your degree expertise with this particular weapon. This is the way you're likely to boost your troops and squadron so as to progress from the battle zone.


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