Squiggle Squid is a mouse-controlled action puzzle game in which you command the boy of the Kraken because he attempts the legendary Coral Crown.Use Squiggle Squid’s ink dashboard to collect plankton and prevent sea obstacles like spiny sea urchins. However, it won’t be simple! Since the degree targets grow, you have to master the ink dashboard to produce massive chains, accumulate power-ups and steer clear of dangerous sea life.Complete that the 50-degree Quest Mode or pick the best score in Score Mode.
Click from Squiggle Squid and he'll dash and create a ink cloud. Collect plankton as soon as your ink covers them. The further you dashboard, the larger the ink blur. Instantly dash and create chains for large points.

Click away from Squiggle Squid and he will dash and make an ink cloud. Collect plankton when your ink cloud touches them. The farther you dash, the bigger the ink cloud. Quickly dash and make chains for big points.