Sprout Hair Pins

Considering that the Heart Bangs hair fad made such enormous waves this past year, we have decided to begin the new year in style with a different one. Ladies, prepare for this one! Dressupwho.com brings up the floral'antenna hairpins' a unique new fad originated in China. Come and join us in receiving the'Sprout Hair Pins' sport began to find out more about it and how to utilize these amazing flower-made antennas. Start with a enjoyable doll-maker session where you get to personalize the woman's face as you want starting with its own face, eyebrows, the colour and form of your own eyes, lips and nose. Do not forget to also apply a thin coating of blush for a whole session. As soon as you're done on phase, you are able to proceed to another page of this game and select a very cute outfit to groom your model woman up with! Choose the outfits she needs to wear now, then cope with her hairstyle and select sprout hair pin to accessorize this up with! Have a excellent time enjoying our fresh hair game for women!