Forget all the football games you have played with before. Inside this soccer game, you're fighting for the success with the heroes that have super powers, against a friend or CPU. Your aim is to frazzle your competition by using your very own unique powers and also to endure the victory by scoring goals. Within this match, six superb powered personality will be awaiting you. The previous two character could be unlocked at the"League" section if you're able to win a few games in that segment.
Game controls:Player 1:Proceed:"W,S"Special attacks:"H,G"Player 2:Proceed:"UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS"Special attacks:"K,L"Have fun!

Game controls:Player 1 :Move: “W,S”Special attacks: “H,G”Player 2:Move: “UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS”Special attacks: “K,L”Have fun!