Run little dragon!

The tiny dragon would like to be liberated, but he just knows how to leap and the entire world is a dangerous area, he wants to have the ability to fire and fly. This is a platform game in which the small dragon is constantly running ahead, you can't move back.You can leap from the ground and out of the walls, so collect all of the coins you can, you may need them to input into the dungeons and electricity up.
Just click the display to jump, fly and fire.In the hills: Click / signature in the match to make it leap throughout the world. From the snow: Hold the click touch in the display and the tiny dragon will fly.In the desert: Hold on the click / signature at the display a bit more time to fire and proceed throughout the walls. In every world, complete 10 amounts and accumulate at 400 coins to input from the dungeon of this flying potion, there amass at least 40 gems to find the magic potion.

Just click in the screen to jump, fly and fire.In the mountains:Click / touch in the game to make it jump through the world. In the snow:Hold the click / touch in the screen and the little dragon will fly.In the desert:Hold the click / touch in the screen a little longer to fire and go through the walls. En each world, complete 10 levels and collect at least 400 coins to enter in the dungeon of the flying potion, there collect at least 40 gems to get the magic potion.