Sharpen your brain and examine your strategical art with this second-hand game!
Your objective is to wind up using more stones flipped face up along with your colour once the board is filled up. You flip the opponent's stones by setting your very own alongside them. The rock you put down must join a line between your stones which currently are on the playing area. Each of the opponent's stones on this line are switched over. If someone can not set a stone down, then they are made to pass the around till they can.

Your goal is to end up with more stones turned face up with your color when the board is filled up. You turn opponent‘s stones by placing your own next to them. The stone you place down has to connect a line between your stones that already are on the playing field. All the opponent‘s stones on that line are turned over. If somebody can‘t put a stone down, they are forced to pass the round until they can.