Resist The Warcraft

In the Warcraft woods there's a set of warcraft unscrupulous destruction, courageous callers fast construct a tower to guard the aircraft forest!Note that if constructing the tower, make certain to proceed to the blue field of the bottom of the tower and then click on it to begin construction
Warcraft includes a massive amount of attacking and power, but the benefits are also quite wealthy, recall when the tower has been ruined don't be defeated, continue to construct the tower, since our tower includes a great deal of buff, in the event that you can' t cope with it, you may use the bottom right button to discharge unique abilities of summoner.

Warcraft has a huge amount of power and attacking, but the rewards are also very rich, remember when the tower is destroyed don't be discouraged, continue to build the tower, because our tower has a lot of buff, if you really can't deal with it, you can use the bottom right button to release unique skills of summoner.