Red ball vs green king

Our blue ball is mad! They've kidnapped his girlfriend her face!" Hahaha" strikes the wicked King green ball. Increasing the construction exceeding the 50 chambers to get rescue our woman out of the green chunk king.Each amount will probably be hard, really difficult! At times almost impossible.Along the manner are awaiting you countless enemies and tens of thousands of spikes which attempt to stop that you just get your target.Enemies such as the red ball crimson, ball that is evil. That you just walk the trail with infinite rate, 4 red ball at an area and will be hard to overcome.Black bouncy balls are a enemy to take into consideration, in the event the complex will end mix it with a few spikes onto the floor.Balls blossom flying will create your match impossible any time they appear.Overcome the 50 degrees of the game is it will become hopeless, is a game which will test your patience.Solve every room of passing and get your ultimate goal successfully.Defeat the last boss in a single one fight epic, conquer the wicked King ball and rescue the pink ball into his jail.