Raider: Episode 1

Raider is a old-school platformer adventure which will include five individual episodes, eventually.You drama for a character named Arkus Zei: # & a8216;distance celebrity’ that makes a living by looking for loot in abandoned wrecks of deceased spaceships and such.It’s intended to be tough, and it’s intended to be easy and straightforward; there aren't any gimmicky attributes or unnecessary frills, only plain platformer goodness. You may jump, drag and drop and’therefore it, and all you've got to do is reach the end of the degree and beat your boss. Straightforward. Or is it?There will also be concealed ‘relic’ things that you locate, and you obtain a Rank in the end of the level according to your own performance, including replayability.
IMPORTANT: The controllers may be CUSTOMISED! Click here ‘How to Play’ about the primary menu, and there you’ll locate # & a8216;Configure’ option.Use the Arrow Keys to move.A, D and S are another controls.SPACE pauses the game.While paused, use ESC to go back to the major menu.Use Z to bypass dialog, and ENTER to bypass the cutscene thing in the beginning if you don’t need to read.

IMPORTANT: The controls can be CUSTOMISED! Just click on ‘How to Play’ on the main menu, and there you’ll find a ‘Configure’ option.Use the Arrow Keys to move.A, S and D are the other controls.SPACE pauses the game.While paused, use ESC to return to the main menu.Use Z to skip dialogue, and ENTER to skip the cutscene thing at the start if you don’t want to read.