PUBG PIXEL is an online multiplayer battle royale game where up to a hundred players fight in a battle royale, a kind of large-scale last person standing deathmatch where players struggle to stay the past living. The previous individual or group alive wins the game. Normally, a complete round takes no longer than 10 minutes.
WASD/Arrow --MoveLeft Alter --Rate UpLeft Mouse --ShootR --ReloadRight Mouse --AimSpace --JumpC --Stand/Squat/prostrateF --Parachute/Open that the Door/PickTab --InventoryM -- mapN --Score1/2/3/4 -- --Change weapon

WASD/Arrow --MoveLeft Shift --Speed UpLeft Mouse --ShootR --ReloadRight Mouse --AimSpace --JumpC --Stand/Squat/prostrateF --Parachute/Open the Door/PickTab --InventoryM -- mapN --Score1/2/3/4 --Change weapon