The solitaire card game comprises elements of Poker. A regular 52-card deck is shuffled and 25 cards must be dealt in a 5x5 grid. Each column of the grid and each row represents a poker hand. One and the player draws the 25 cards one can determine where to place it in the 5x5 grid. When all the arrangements are done the ultimate score is calculated and saved.

The scoring system is:
Royal Flush 1000 pts
Straight Flush 600 pts.
Four of a Kind 350 pts.
Full House 130 pts
Flush 100 pts
Straight 80 pts
Three of a Kind 50 pts
2 Pair 30 pts
Jack or Better 10 pts

Game is entirely controlled by mouse. Click on a free place of the 5x5 grid to place the current card that is shown there.
Press +/- to enable/disable audio.