Paintball Gun Pixel 3D Multiplayer

This time without naughty women and very good boys. Some say, it was overly sexist... But, harsh principles have stayed, also have been entrusted into the hands of characters that were flatter. Literally. This sequel is filled with characters such as from Minecraft games. Along with the very best, they operate within an angular world quite much like the surroundings from the legendary Mario. The game provides 5 weapons and 9 gaming worlds. In case the game stinks, alter quality to speediest.
*WASD* - transfer down * *, *up*, *abandoned *, *right* or *arrows* - transfer *mouse- look about *distance * - leap *change * - operate *0*. . *9* - shift firearms

*WASD* - move*down*, *up*, *left*, *right* or *arrows* - move*mouse* - look around*space* - jump*shift* - run*0*..*9* - change guns