Neon Bathing Suits

Summer is here and that means something: it is time for lovely Lisa to package a couple of things and head to the seaside for a relaxing beachfront session on her own yacht. She is planning to spend the whole morning preparing for this and she could certainly use your prized helping hand. Come and join in receiving the 'Neon Bathing Suits' match started and firstly, see if you were able to design a floral bathing suit to our elaborate woman here. Select its contour and a couple of bold colours so as to ensure that you think of a special layout for Lisa's bathing suit. Then you are going to need to shave her legs and armpit utilizing a gentle shaving foam and a wig. Do not forget to also employ some sunblock and you may set on the neon bathing lawsuit you have made at the start of the match. Opt for a fitting pair of flip-flops, a fairly hair accessories plus some sparkling jewelries plus a set of over-sized shades. Fantastic job, girls! How much should we allow her enjoy the hot sun rays?