Control your armies at the Nano Kingdom!In that this stratey match you have to assist the king conquer his son Alexander, who became wicked and mad for electricity, being a massive danger to everyone..Choose involving many different military commanders, each featuring diverse magic charms. Control villagers, soldiers, archers, riders and also a lot more!.GET IT FOR ANDROID AT VERSION COMMING SOON!
Use your mouse to control, conquer the rival armies..GOLEMSTo those wondering how to Create golems, we acknowledge it was our error to not clarify that within the match, but here is how you do itUPGRADE YOUR CASTLE TO THE Maximum LEVEL, which can unlock the 2nd degree barrack update like the golem… sorry guys:)

Use your mouse to control, defeat the rival armies..GOLEMSTo all those wondering how to build golems, we admit it was our mistake to not explain that inside the game, but here is how you do it: UPGRADE YOUR CASTLE TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL, that will unlock the 2nd level barrack upgrade such as the golem… sorry guys :)