GAME INFO Welcome to Lordz Conquest, the new approach. Io game on earth of the largest military to take over the map, and conquer new lands to enlarge your kingdom and uncover the very best HEROES! New things: - HEROES System with unique POWERS, - CAVALERY units, - Tons of buildings to unlock new troops, - WALLS!! (Build walls to guard your base from different gamers ) - Advanced FORMATION system - and even much more!
CONTROLSW, A, S, D or Mouse controller: MovementClic everywhere: Attack closest buildingClic on a construction: Attack this buildingE or Right Clic: Activate PowerSpace: SplitB: Build Menu, U: Units Menu, F: Formation Menu, Y: Units Upgrades Menu, V: Rewarded Videos Menu, C: Change Formation, M: Show Mini Map, L: Show LeaderboardEnter: Open ChatEsc: Pause Menu

CONTROLSW,A,S,D or Mouse control : MovementClic anywhere : Attack nearest buildingClic on a building : Attack this buildingE or Right Clic : Activate PowerSpace : SplitB : Build Menu, U : Units Menu, F : Formation Menu, Y : Units Upgrades Menu, V : Rewarded Videos Menu,C : Change Formation, M : Show Mini Map, L : Show LeaderboardEnter : Open ChatEsc : Pause Menu