Kitty Cards is an indie game motivated by Exploding Kittens. The sport has a few additions, subtractions in addition to optimizing the gameplay. Together with the integration of this evaluation system, you'll be appreciated for your ability and "dignity". This game relies on chance in addition to psychological judgment is largely. On the other hand, the last winner still requires some fortune.
Game play- People are given 5 cardsWhen it's your turn, you may draw 1 cardIf It's Bomb, you'll lose- You are able to utilize Defuse card escape- Before drawing cards, then you can use magical cards to endure

Game play:- People are given 5 cards- When it is your turn, you will draw 1 card- If it is Bomb, you will lose- You can use Defuse card to escape- Before drawing cards, you can use magic cards to survive