Take your children to see cute animals at the zoo or in the farm. Your children won't simply learn about the critters from all over the globe but also hear how they sound! They are even able to feed them and determine exactly what every creature enjoys. Following the trip, children can take part in a fun quiz and guess that the animal is behind the curtain according to its own sound.
"In this sport it is possible to stop by the Zoo or the Farm. To find another creature, press on the arrow on the face of the display. To listen to the creature again, give it a few food.In the next manner, you need to guess that animal has got the noise behind the curtain. To guess, click the creature. "

"In this game you can visit the Zoo or the Farm. To see another animal, press the arrow on the side of the screen. To hear the animal again, give it some food.In the second mode, you have to guess which animal has made the sound behind the curtain. To guess, click on the animal."