You are interested in being a real life cowboy and ride a horse at a conflict with zombies? Zombies came up out of their graves and they're everywhere, you need to be a courageous cowboy and fight with your weapons. You've got with you 5 different and special horses and 3 weapons, a bow, a sword and a weapon. Pick your favourite region to play and do not allow the zombies walk round using their elongated palms since they prefer to perform.
WASD or arrow keys: move,2,3: weapon changeSpace pub: jumpLeft change: sprintF: bracket, hold to dismountLeft mouse : attackRight mouse : appropriate attack/aimM: mute/unmuteL: toggle cursor locks or Tab: back to the main menu

WASD or arrow keys: move1,2,3: weapon changeSpace bar: jumpLeft shift: sprintF: mount, hold to dismountLeft mouse button: attackRight mouse button: right attack/aimM: mute/unmuteL: toggle cursor lockEsc or Tab: back to the main menu