Gluck in the country of the Sweets

Gluck at the nation of the candy, is a timeless mathematics 3 which will bring you a great deal of struggles, amusement and fun, this experience will accompany you the boosters, and a few helpers that will ease your course, but maintenance, everything has its cost, get coins together with every Level and believe well that booster inverters, achievement is only a click away.
Drag and drop tactile or using mouseMove the chips and also get align 3 or more of the Identical color.Use the sport coins to Purchase boosters from the store.The problem increases with each level, nicely handled your coins to finish the 96 amounts

Drag and drop tactile or with mouseMove the chips and get align 3 or more of the same color.Use the game coins to buy boosters in the store.The difficulty increases with each level, well managed your coins to complete the 96 levels