Generic Defense Game

# & It8217;s a survival shot, a turret defense match, it’ so frequent it’s unique!This bad-boy provides you 8 distinct games in one, using a slew of alternatives to deliver a exceptional experience each time you play. —Fixed the same-weapon bug and tweeked some configurations to produce the auto-drones less # & controlling8230; expect that helps balance the pleasure out. A few of the matches are easier than others, so you could need to test them all to discover your market ;)Read more about the game @
Use the mouse to target, WASD to roam round in shooter style, Q to toggle firearms and E to reload.If you discover the game easy, or challenging you will find difficulty settings from the help/options menu.If you dislike the controller plot, you can alter it from your help/options menu.

Use the mouse to aim, WASD to walk around in shooter mode, Q to toggle weapons and E to reload.If you find the game easy, or hard there are difficulty settings in the help/options menu.If you dislike the control scheme, you can change it in the help/options menu.