Galactic Missile Defense

Galactic Missile Defense is a technique tower defense (TD ) game set in space, in which you're in control of 3 key anti-missile technologically-advanced foundations which are the last hope to rescue Earth.You can update any anti-missile foundation with a number of weapons and creatures but you need to be cautious as every choice requires skill and strategy. Be ready for quick decisions as the activity increases dramatically as soon as you get to the high levels!
Tap on the display to take a direction. You have to destroy all observable aliens so as to progress to the next level and unlock additional weapons, updates and aliens. For every update, you may read the in-game directions and you're able to update all of weapons for more impacts, or even unlock new ones.

Tap on the screen to shoot towards a direction. You must destroy all visible aliens in order to advance to the next level and unlock more weapons, upgrades and aliens. For each upgrade, you can read the in-game instructions and you can upgrade all weapons for more effects, or even unlock new ones.