Football Genius Challenge

That is soccer for geniuses. Are you intelligent enough to burst all of the chunks? Football Genius Fight is a mystery game where you burst soccer balls to activate a chain reaction. You have to clear all of the soccer balls.This sport is a very simple puzzle game that's simple to learn & fast to perform with. This blaster will challenge your mind!
In this puzzle game, you have to burst soccer balls to activate a chain reaction to be able to get rid of all of them. You have to remove all components to finish the amount and move into another level. You've got 400 amounts to finish before completing the game.In each degree, you can amass celebrities. Finish the level as quickly as possible so as to collect the utmost of celebrities. Are you going to be able to finish all degrees with 3 stars? That is the challenge.

In this puzzle game, you must burst football balls to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them all. You need to eliminate all elements to complete the level and pass to the next level. You have 400 levels to complete before finishing the game.In each level, you can collect stars. Complete the level as fast as possible in order to collect the maximum of stars. Will you be able to complete all levels with 3 stars? This is your challenge.