Fly Car Stunt legend has the brand new game for the show together with new capabilities. Brand-new streets and vehicle physics will provide you with a realistic flying car experience! You may either race solo or two Player (together with your buddies ) in freshly created 12 distinct degrees! Use nitro to fly and keep on air for longer intervals. Watch out for a variety of obstacles on the way! Swinging sledgehammers, axes, saws, electric shocks, underground claws might slow you down through the race.
GAME CONTROLS: Player 1Move: "W, A, S, D"Nitro: "T"Camera: "Y"Player 2Move: "ARROW KEYS"Nitro: "P"Camera: "C"Restart: "R"

GAME CONTROLS:Player 1Move: "W,A,S,D"Nitro: "T"Camera: "Y"Player 2Move: "ARROW KEYS"Nitro: "P"Camera: "C"Restart: "R"