Fire Dragon Adventure

The protagonist that resides from the past and his loyal dragon are embarking on an experience. They ought to fight against many traps and creatures to accumulate valuable golds, treasures and stones. You may play the game at a split screen by controlling two personalities together with your buddy. You'll want the support of your friend to resolve the puzzles at the various levels of this match.
Hero:Proceed:"W,A,S,D"Jump:"W"Strike:"F"Dragon:Proceed:"ARROW KEYS"Jump:"UP ARROW KEY"Fire:"L"P.S: The protagonist can jump out of wall by"W" key. In certain levels you ought to perform Wall-Jump.

Hero:Move: “W,A,S,D”Jump: “W”Hit: “F”Dragon:Move: “ARROW KEYS”Jump: “UP ARROW KEY”Fire: “L”P.S: The hero can jump from wall by “W” key. In some levels you should do Wall-Jump.