Fantasy Kommander

FK will turn you into a fearless General of the People, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves or perhaps some other amazing race!Who will prevail across the ancient continent of the Seven Pillars of Eukarion?Setup your military and allow the battle begin!The match comprises another outstanding gameplay attributes:1. Strategy-RPG change based game;two. A deep and between Storyline set at a dark, medieval world moved into the European Middle Age improved by Fantasy story heritage;3. 17 distinct Armies to get, update and unleash Battle! 4. Every Army has over 20 features (to handle and increase throughout the "war strategy period");5. 24 Special Abilities to raise the ability of your Army;6. 18 available spells enjoying the Elf General;7. More than 20 different Enemy Armies;8. High Replayability at Campaign Mode:3 distinct Generals (each one with exceptional skills or spells): The Elf Mage, The Knight, The Dwarft;3 Topic Level, playable in the conclusion of each Campaign (it's possible to play with the tricky effort only in the event that you finish the regular person before);4 unique Endings from the Campaign Mode;66 Distinct Battles to playwith! 9. 10 "Historical" Battles at War Academy style;
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