Escape From Zombies

You really are a part of a zombie apocalypse and you're stuck at a construction with a broken automobile and hordes of zombies are attacking from the yard. But waityou discovered tools sufficient to correct the vehicle to escape from the hordes of zombies. ARE YOU READY FOR IT?You are attempting to correct the car whilst attempting to guard yourself from hordes of zombies. Roll for achievement on every section. Any zombie that lived will assault the barricade. When you killed 10 zombies you'll be rewarded with power-up.
You receive 4 Action Dice to be invested around 3 part of this game that are LAWN, BARRICADE and CAR. Should you put LAWN and receive 3 or more worth of dice, then you get 1 chance for zombies. Should you put BARRICADE and receive 3 or more values, get 1 hp of barricade, purchase 5 or 6 to repair percent 10 cars.

You get 4 Action Dice to be spent on the 3 section of the game which are LAWN,BARRICADE and CAR. If you place LAWN and get 3 or more value of dice, you get 1 shot for zombies. If you place BARRICADE and get 3 or more value, get 1 hp of barricade, get 5 or 6 to fix %10 car.