Download Epic War Saga iphone / ipod signature / ipad version at no cost! Https:// War 4 features 5 special personalities with exceptional combat capability. Fight 12 phases with 3 distinct modes (regular, hard( epic), and 4 additional stages for further challenges. Experiment with 5 degrees of 20 distinct units and 12 unique charms, and battle your way through 4 epic directors and unexpected periods for hours in this epic defense match.
- left and right arrow to transfer camera point - a to pick all, s to pick each hero, d to pick all components - 1-6 hotkeys for spell- qwertyuio hotkeys for components - distance bar to confirm components / charms placement- de to pause- move to alternative page in map to muffle - revenge waves are located in epic and hard style - down and up arrow keys to maneuver the turretif you sense that the game doesnt require ability, try epic and hard manner.

- left and right arrow to move camera stage- a to select all, s to select all hero, d to select all units- 1-6 hotkeys for spell- qwertyuio hotkeys for units - space bar to confirm units / spells placement- p to pause- go to option page at map to mute - revenge waves can be found at hard and epic mode- up and down arrow keys to move the turretif you feel the game doesnt require skill, try hard and epic mode.