Elite Forces:Conquest

Droids are threatening world domination and there are just a few people left to stand them up! Defend key lands in the onslaught of merciless droids because you fight to guard the precious resources you've left. Who understands…possibly you’ll create a new friend or two along the way to battle to your cause?Build towers in precisely the exact same group to increase a entire damage. Each type of towers raises something particular for all groups.As constantly – don't hesitate to comment, or tell me everything you don`t enjoy, I'm here to repair it.
WASD/Arrows for transferring protagonist, 1-9 Mouse_wheel – transforming firearms, rftgyhuji – shortcuts for building towers, P – Pause, Space – emphasize protagonist. -/# & +8211; altering speed of sport, Holding Alter – which makes sport faster.If sport will be to tall or widht – only use F11.

WASD/Arrows for moving hero, 1-9 Mouse_wheel – changing weapons, rftgyhuji – shortcuts for building towers, P – Pause, Space – highlight hero.-/+ – changing speed of game, Holding Shift – makes game faster.If game is to tall or widht – just use F11.