Picture a town that's made by cubes and in this town there are two characters that fight each other really demanding. In this warfare, the participant who uses firearms, automobiles and airdrops better then another playerwins the battle. In this conflict, you shouldn't just fight against your competitor but you also should fight to CPU players.
GAME CONTROLS:Player 1Move:"W,A,S,D"Fire:"SPACE"Dash:"E"Get in a vehicle:"TAB"Player 2Move:"ARROW KEYS"Fire:"L"Dash:"K"Get into a vehicle:"O"

GAME CONTROLS:Player 1Move: “W,A,S,D”Fire: “SPACE”Dash: “E”Get in a car: “TAB”Player 2Move: “ARROW KEYS”Fire: “L”Dash: “K”Get in a car: “O”