Cube Battle Royale

A town of cubes and two heroes lost in town are prepared for the mission. Various creatures, zombies wish to ruin you in various areas of the block town. The one thing which can assist you in this survival struggle is strong special weapons. In Cube Battle Royale you can battle 1 participant or two Player! Decode apparatus in regions and leave the region inside 20 minutes! ) After finishing assignments in all regions, a helicopter will come to your rescue.
PLAYER 1Move: "W, A, S, D"Shoot: "SPACE"Change Weapons: "1,2,3"Revive: "E"PLAYER 2Move: "ARROW KEYS"Shoot: "L"Change Weapons: "I, O, P"Revive: "K"

PLAYER 1Move: "W,A,S,D"Shoot: "SPACE"Change Weapons: "1,2,3"Revive: "E"PLAYER 2Move: "ARROW KEYS"Shoot: "L"Change Weapons: "I,O,P"Revive: "K"