Crystal Gem Garnet Dress Up

Garnet is the Combination of Ruby and Sapphire along with Also the Present de-facto Pioneer of the Crystal Stone.

Garnet is one of the last surviving Stone on Earth who combined the Crystal Stone in the rebellion against the Gem Homeworld, and later assisted her buddies in safeguarding the Earth during the upcoming few millennia. Following Rose Quartz gave her up bodily type to give birth to her son, Steven Universe, Garnet took over as the chief of this group. This dress up game is really full of choices and contains all the looks worn up to now from Garnet. It's visuals such as the very first concept layouts, where she wore a yellow scarf, a number of her regenerations, her beachwear and fusions like Sugilite and Sardonix. You may also produce a slightly different version of Ruby and Sapphire. You are able to alter facial expressions and utilize a variety of forms of hair, together with highlights and gradient.Have a excellent time producing your exclusive Crystal Gem Garnet.