Clash Balls isn't merely a different ball game! This game is easily the most addictive! Be dazzled with its Blasting Beauty.destroy every ball which appears on the display and wash each degree to keep on beating your own mark. Characteristics: ★ Extreme shooting activity. ★ Improve your shooting along with your flame frequency to conquer each level. ★ Color Therapy Shooting game, 10 Color Ball enemies. ★ Fully automatic advancement conserve ★ Endless gameplay. Become the master of this Clash Balls! Appreciate this Color Matching Game!
Aim at breaking all enemies by electricity burst: Swipe your mouse or finger and burst blocks, Make your cannon the strongest of all. Hit on the Items and get exceptional powers like Double Cannon, triple shot, departure bomb or pause enemies. Avoid the cubes to get to the middle of their cannon. Be cautious with all the dark ball, these are bodily balls, it is going to make the level harder and you'll need to receive your very best playing skill.

Aim at breaking all enemies by power blast: Swipe your finger or mouse and blast blocks,Make your cannon the most powerful of all.Hit the Items and get special powers such as Double Cannon, triple shot, death bomb or pause all enemies.Prevent the blocks to reach the center of cannon.Be careful with the black ball, these are physical balls, it will make the level more difficult and you will have to get your best playing ability.