The timeless and quite easy board game everybody knows from their youth. It comes in several versions, so the game supplies rules settings.
Transfer your stones diagonally ahead and catch opponent stones by leaping over them. It's a really well-known and simple board game for 2 players, which means it's possible to discover the fundamental principles everywhere. There are more variations how to play with this particular game, so we offer choices to place extra rules how that you like -- like if guys can catch backwards, just how far a king could proceed, or if accessible catches are mandatory motions.

Move your stones diagonally forward and capture opponent stones by jumping over them. It is a very well-known and simple board game for two players, so you can find the basic rules anywhere. There are more variants how to play this game, so we provide options to set additional rules the way you like – for example whether men can capture backwards, how far a king can move, or if available captures are mandatory moves.