Cardinal Quest 2

A turn-based hack ‘# & n8217; slash experience. Pick from six courses and battle through randomly created levels filled with bountiful treasures to conquer the forces of darkness!Cardinal Quest 2 is free-to-play. You may unlock new courses and perks adventures with Kreds or make them. In any event, three Acts of special places, monsters and supervisors are all yours to conquer!
Use the Arrow Keys or click on the mouse to maneuver around.Move into enemies to attack them.Click your self or press room to await a turn.Click abilities or press on their hotkeys (default: 1-5) to utilize them. Skills recharge! Click on the items over the ability bar to utilize them.For comprehensive advice on the UI begin a match, click the &8220;Menu” button at the bottom right and pick “# & Help8221;.

Use the Arrow Keys or click the mouse to move around.Move into enemies to attack them.Click yourself or press Space to wait a turn.Click skills or press their hotkeys (default: 1-5) to use them. Skills recharge! Click the items above the skill bar to use them.For detailed help on the UI start a game, click the “Menu” button in the bottom right and select “Help”.


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