Candy: Slip and Slide

'Candy: Slip and Slide' is your newest monstrous puzzle for fast fun!You need to drag colorful candies of different sizes so they produce complete rows and disappear. It is possible to 't pile over rows. Since fresh candies appear after every turn, you'll require a fantastic fitting skill and foresight.Luckily, this friendly creature is here to assist you!The more rows of candies that you ruin, the hungrier the creature becomes. If the hunger bar is full, the monster will consume a few treats.If you feed the creature specific candies, it is going to level up, then it will have the ability to consume more. If your situation looks impossible, don't worry! Use one of those power-ups to split candies into smaller bits, or to remove arbitrary bits or snacks of a particular color.Play'Candy: Slip and Slide' today for free and feed your monster row after row of yummy treats.