Bottle Flip Challenge 2

The newest Bottle Flip Challenge is here!Sr. Panda te va a dar la oportunidad de salvarte mediante el juego de la ruleta! Empieza haciendo un reverse con la primera botella, haz 3 volteos consecutivos para desbloquear otra botella. Pero ten cuidado, porque si fallas uno de tus flips, volverás a empezar. El Sr.. Panda te da la bienvenida.LET THE GAME BEGIN! --How many bottles will you achieve? Let's flip everything them!EASTER EGG following the previous bottle?!?! Find it! **10 bottles entirely new are added completely liberated to unlock****Flip the jar twice to unlock a fresh one****Every bottle have their own physics (so every one differs to reverse)****Wonderful art visual**Could you learn the Bottle Flip Challenge 2? You have noticed the challenge, you have reversed the bottle, take it and proceed further.Flip the water jar and soil vertical onto the dining table to score.How difficult you believe is it? Together with the most effective bodily introduced within this remarkable game.Compete with your pals.


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