Blocky Gun 3D Warfare Multiplayer

This time, it is possible to combine mercenary powers or Germans. I leave this up for you, which side is much more attractive for you. Anyhow, you have the machete and five kinds of weapons, and that means you have many alternatives to complete lives of your bad opponents. If you become tired of killing of normal soldiers, don't worry, we didn't forget, we've got bloodthirsty zombie style for you (the principles are simple: live and kill everything that goes ). Nine brand new maps are prepared, so what are you waiting for? Have fun.
*WASD* - transfer down * *, *up*, *abandoned *, *right* or *arrows* - transfer *mouse- look about *distance * - leap *change * - operate *0*. . *9* - shift firearms

*WASD* - move*down*, *up*, *left*, *right* or *arrows* - move*mouse* - look around*space* - jump*shift* - run*0*..*9* - change guns