Battalion: Skirmish

Take control of this mighty Warmachine and direct your troops to victory in the most recent chapter of this Battalion saga. Battalion: Skirmish is a 1-level record of Battalion’s enhanced graphics and video, which you may see featured in forthcoming multiplayer and single-player Battalion names this summer! Within this turn-based battle strategy game, you have to stop the Warmachine, the new backbone of the Northern Federation forces, from falling into the hands of the traitor General Mullen. The Akadians are all coming. With no Warmachine, your armies will be helpless to prevent them.
Click in an active component once to pick it. Click on an open tile to proceed into it, or a enemy unit to strike it. Click an active component twice to start its distinctive action menu. This is the way you get into the Warmachine’s assemble activity, which is crucial to your success. You might even use this exceptional actions menu to fix components which were damaged in battle.

Click on an active unit once to select it. Now click an open tile to move to it, or an enemy unit to attack it. Click on an active unit twice to open its special action menu. This is how you access the Warmachine’s build action, which will be critical to your success. You can also use this special action menu to repair units that have been damaged in combat.