Battalion: Nemesis

Battalion: Nemesis Places you in Control of the Quick Attack and Response unit Controlled by Sergeant Tucker. Face off against the insidious Mullen within an epic 10 degree campaign!There are a total of 16 amounts to be performed, where you're able to master the principles of strategic turn-based plan combat.Saving Info:Your inter-level assignment progress will be spared when you complete a degree. Should you beat a level, you ought not have to conquer it. Choosing “Save Quit” in the options menu at the center of the assignment will make a restore point. If you click “Fitting Save Point” about the name screen, the match is going to soon be restored to the save point. If you play with a match on another level or map, then your resume stage is going to be lost. Mouse problems orders. Click on an open tile scope to proceed there, or click on an enemy unit in scope to move alongside it and assault. Arrow keys scroll along with command crucial selects next available unit.

Mouse issues orders. Click an open tile in range to move there, or click an enemy unit in range to move next to it and attack. Arrow keys scroll and control key selects next available unit.