Barbie and Ken Christmas

Barbie and Ken are Coordinating the Christmas Party this year.

She only understood that the party is tomorrow and she is afraid she will not have sufficient time to put together what she has in mind for her guests. Ken thankfully agreed to help out her and with your prized helping hand that the home will be decorated in addition to the Christmas tree along with Barbie and Ken will have the most adorable fitting outfit ever noticed. Combine them into receiving the'Barbie's And Ken's Christmas' match for women started and firstly, help them decorate their home on the exterior: use vibrant lights and a beautiful Christmas wreath to give it a very adorable appearance. As soon as you're finished, you must intervene and decorate their house in the interior! Pick lovely decoration to their Christmas tree and fireplace then go to this page of the match to find out what posh christmassy looks it's possible to pull together for them! You are able to pick a Santa Claus inspired costume for Ken and a thing to fit for beautiful Barbie! Have a excellent time enjoying our new Christmas game for women!