You are building the Tower of Babel, which will reach into the sky!You possess a group of specialists: miners, masons, crafters, lumberjacks, builders, that can help you succeed in this incremental idle sport. New fun machines have been unlocked with each tower floor.
Press-and-hold on the display to mine rock, move rock to processing, accelerate bricks production, block trees, and carry out different tasks. Sell a part of your resources in the Market to acquire cash for updates. At particular update level the construction works alone, you'll be spectating and having fun. Restarting your tower construction provides you Golden Bricks, which boosts your exploit energy, creation and boost market rates.

Press-and-hold on the screen to mine stone, transfer stone to processing, speed up bricks creation, chop trees, and perform other activities.Sell part of your resources at the Market to gain money for upgrades. At certain upgrade level the building works by itself, you will be spectating and having fun.Restarting your tower building gives you Golden Bricks, which boost your tap power, production and increase market prices.