Arkandian Revenant

Head back in the fray and rescue Arkandia this time from your Revenant!Embark on your trip as an Arkandian or even Necretian(or a Demon/Ascended if you’t finished the former chapter), save the planet and fill your coinpurse!Aided by your new buddy Billy, creep to the deepest dungeons and regain long lost artifacts, then use them to destroy your enemies or perhaps equip them on you private army and participate in large scale strategic combat.Or in case you want discover the hidden secrets of outfit and crafting your warriors along with your personal firearms and armour as you quaff homemade potions.Revenant takes all that made Crusade fantastic and expands it into a completely new level. The Arkandian Legends are a set of stories which you the participant live through. Achievements, abilities, items and successes in 1 narrative follow you through the following, unlocking new features and benefits as you go.Your activities will decide the path of your experiences as well as the decisions you make can alter the nature of earth.
Navigate menus along with your clicking device.WASD or arrow key that your way through dungeons and hit back to your clicker for strategic conflicts.

Navigate menus with your clicking device.WASD or arrow key your way through dungeons and reach back for your clicker for tactical battles.