Accordion Solitaire

Come and battle the Accordion should you regard yourself to be an extremely skilled and blessed solitaire player! This is a demanding and unusual game that has an extremely low winning speed, and your aim is to compress 52 regular playing cards to a single heap. After the game begins, two face-up cards will be dealt to the center of the display. The rest of the cards will be put face-down into the stock pile at the bottom right corner. If you click on the inventory stack, then a face-up card will be dealt with the instant area at the right of their present face-up cards. After a row has run out of space, the following card will be dealt into the row beneath. If the best cards of 2 piles have the exact same suit or rank, you can transfer a heap to a different heap immediately to its left or split to its left by 2 piles. By way of instance, if the best cards on five piles will be 8 of spades, 6 of spades, 10 of diamonds, 8 of hearts and Q of clubs, then you can move the heap of 6 of spades, or even the heap of 8 hearts, into the peak of the 8 of spades. When openings appear following a movement, cards will proceed automatically to the left to match the distance. Continue the procedure until the cards are all compacted into a single heap. Would you win against the odds and get the aim successfully?